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Saheli7 Educational Consulting was founded in 2007 and primarily consists of the husband and wife team of
Drs. Ammar and Tonya Saheli. Our organization provides racial and culturally responsive professional learning opportunities to attending participants -- with the ultimate goal of internalizing and normalizing racial dialogue and interracial justice community engagement. The national climate and historical base have ushered forward critical opportunities for personal and collective self-reflection, deep learning, and vulnerable inquiry related to the foundation of race, racism, implicit bias, micro-aggressions, whiteness, and the ethos of white supremacy culture in the US and globally. Openness toward the topics is antithetical to the fabric of the US and beyond, but Saheli7 Educational Consulting walks participants through structured modules, vulnerable discussion, self-reflection, and small and large group dialectic processes. Because of the delicate nature of such discussion, Saheli7 Educational Consulting operates with care, compassion, and love -- while also creating the necessary tension and rigor to ensure meaningful learning, authentic experiences, and ongoing racialized praxis.

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